Behind the scene of WALI

KINE KLUB UMM PROGRAM on 6 April 2010 by kineklubumm

Kine klub UMM has passed 6 joint productions, for period 2009-2010, kine klub holds 7th joint production. Our film theme this time is contemporer religi. In the beginning, it appears argumentation about this theme but after futher discussion, finally we use this theme.

The film title is WALI. The director is Aditya nur rachmanto or is used to be called Mas adit. Mas adit was chosen based on director selection which was held by production division team which is now led by the producer  ILVIT KELNIS CHANG.

This film production is full of happiness and sadness. But as the tradition which happens in KINE KLUB UMM, joint production must have its own memory inside it.

Crying together, laughing together, eating together, sleeping together(loh???), in short, sad or happy we bear it together. Something which makes this film is special is most of the crew can be said beginner fo the job desk that they get. However, this is our event to learn. There are so many experiences that we get from this film production.

Film Wali took set just around Malang.  wow… if we talk about location, it is really cool. There is mysthicism, kinship, causing conflict, full of challenge, it is so complete.  You must be curious, musn't you????

This film debute…(ceile..), will pass 2 phases before GALA PREMIERE, workshop and film launching.. GALA PREMIERE of this film will be coincide with another agenda of KINE KLUB UMM, that is MAFVIE FEST 2010.

This time, Film Wali is till in editing process. So, how the result is? hmmm be patient… just wait and see in JUNE!!!

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